Trade Discounts

Spend and Save at The Wooden Box Mill - up to 40% off the single item prices !

Look out for great savings throughout the store, when you buy a multi-pack of any individual item.  Also, to further reward bulk buyers - you get an extra 25% off your whole shopping basket at checkout if you spend £200.  This can be across any combination of products.

Our discount scheme means the more you spend the more you save, allowing you to make generous profits if you wish to resell the boxes in any way or are working to a tight budget. Anyone can benefit from these savings - simply order online today!

How It Works......

Many products display both a price for a single item and where available, a multi-pack discounted price is also offered, giving you great savings when you buy more than 1.

In addition, if you place over £200 of items in your shopping cart, a further discount of 25% is applied to your order across all items.  So for some items, you will achieve over 40% discount off the single item price when you buy in bulk.  Try it out today by popping some items in your cart.......Remember to click 'UPDATE CART' to see the correct discount as you checkout.

If you have any query about pricing or discounts, or have a BULK STOCK or 'when is an item back in stock' query please get in touch with us by email