Add your logo on our wooden boxes

Personalised Wooden Boxes

You can engrave or print a logo or message onto any of our wooden boxes or items. A perfect corporate branding opportunity! They make great gifts or unique bulk wooden packaging for products or promotions.  Wooden Boxes can prove to be a cheap alternative to expensive large print runs of cardboard packaging and look so much more luxurious - they add great value to any product and make it stand out from the crowd. 

Alternatively our wooden boxes are ready to use, or you can varnish them, paint them with acrylics paints, cover with decoupage paper or personalise them in any way you desire. 

We sell everything you need if you wish to decorate or customise them in any way (see our Finishing Touches category for products).

Staining the boxes to make them darker is also possible.


Quotes for Engraving / Printing

Minimum quantity for engraving or printing wooden boxes or plaques is 15 items.  We email a proof of the first box printed/engraved for you to approve before the batch is completed.

A typical cost for printing a box with any logo is £2 including VAT

Engraving a wooden box is a little more variable on cost, as it depends on the area of the box to be engraved and complexity of the logo.  Typically starting at around £2.20 for a small logo/simple wording and larger items may cost more! 

Please bear in mind that you need to pay £14.99 for delivery (including VAT) of an engraved order, which is a little higher than a standard wooden box delivery as it involves transport to/from the engraver/printer. This is a standard charge no matter how large the order and so it is much more cost effective to engrave bigger quantities of products.

Ordering an engraved wooden box is very simple.  Click here to email us and advise how many of which item you want to order. Attach your logo to your email so we can discuss further.